Our history


Coming from a family of artisans, it was from a very young age that Malia Veiogo Tokotu'u Vinet began making local crafts (mats, weaving, flower necklaces, shell necklaces, etc.) to support herself. needs. Talented and diligent, she sold her first tapas in 1982 and has since made it her specialty and her passion.

Malia Veiogo makes all of her tapas using the traditional technique. Today she is a Wallisian artist and craftswoman recognized for the great finesse of her freehand drawn patterns.

In 2012, she chose to adapt her traditional tapa patterns on a multitude of contemporary supports: functional or decorative, thus creating the brand: Veiogo. Today, the wide range of products that we offer you undoubtedly constitute original, unique gifts and very beautiful pieces of interior decoration for the home and office.

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The traditional TAPA of Wallis and Futuna

Tapa are fabrics made from the underbark of the tutu (pronounced tou-tou) or paper mulberry, a shrub found throughout Oceania.

Depending on their dimensions (which range from a few tens of centimeters to more than fifty meters), the tapas can be used as clothing during traditional festivals, as a blanket, as a shroud for the deceased or they can be used for decorative purposes only.

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